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Tech, IT, Systems, Consultants, & Online Sales


With over a decade of experience, 50,000+ HubSpot template downloads, and countless leads generated by our clients using our assets, we’ve assembled a beautiful (and exclusive) theme and program to help you build a one-of-a-kind brand on HubSpot.


"Great template! Best we've seen on HubSpot to date!"
- Josef N.

"Excellent lead-generating tools! Web Canopy creates the best conversion experience!"
- Christina L.

"Working with Web Canopy Studio has been exceptional. Money spent has been well worth it."
- Adam B.

Who Is Tech Systems Studio Pro For?


This theme and program are specifically designed for you if any of these are true:



There never seems to be enough time to manage your website, marketing, and business operations


tech systems studio_logo




HubSpot is a great fit, but you feel like you’re only using 10% or less of your investment


tech systems studio_logo-black



You’re struggling to reach the right customers and want to make sure you’re telling the right story


tech systems studio_logo



You’re not sure if what you’re doing with follow-up, email nurturing, workflows, and more is correct (or you’re not doing them at all!)


tech systems studio_logo-black



There’s not a strong automation plan in place, which means you’re constantly stuck trying to handle more than you need, or it simply doesn’t get done


tech systems studio_logo



You feel like you definitely CAN do this on your own, but you would like guidance from people who can show you shortcuts, answer specific questions, and meet with you 1-on-1 to help hold you accountable along the way.


tech systems studio_logo-black



tech systems studio_logo-white






With Tech Systems Studio Pro, these issues will be a thing of the past. Here is just a sample of all the awesomeness that comes with this theme

Web Canopy Success

Web Canopy has been a great leader in guiding us to not only a new more productive web site, but they have also provided much needed education to help us align with today's market and challenges. For me personally, I feel I have gained a new skill set that has helped expand my ability to work smarter and have new insights into helping our business grow. Web Canopy's approach is designed to challenge you and make you better.

- Russ B.

More Than Just A Theme

This theme is an entire website accelerator program designed to help you automate your entire website and HubSpot setup.


Inside this program, we're going to guide you through all the ins and outs of building a high-converting website that generates results.


You'll get access to all of our templates, themes, and resources, access to our team through group calls and QA reviews, and 1-on-1 specialized training.

Awesome HubSpot Theme

This exact theme deposited into your HubSpot portal upon immediate purchase


Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching

private 1-on-1 sessions with our team of experts for up to 8 weeks


Our Entire Course Library

6 modules filled with videos, PDFs, templates, & more resources


Community & Live Training

An exclusive community of professionals in your same shoes


... And That's Just The Start!

You're going to get access to all of these awesome bonuses as well!

Tech Stack Templates

BONUS #1 - Our library of other HubSpot themes and assets

Wireframe Templates

BONUS #2 - Fill-in-the-blank templates and training

Offer Positioning Secrets

BONUS #3 - How to position your brand using HubSpot

The Masterclass Playbook

BONUS #4 - The #1 playbook for nurturing your leads

Your Path To Website Freedom


We've taken all of the guesswork out of building and maintaining a customer-generating website on HubSpot so you can focus on what matters most - your customers.


Our Awesome Clients

“We’ve helped some of the biggest names in the industry do exactly that”


This Theme Comes With...

Our Entire Course Training Library

Built specifically to help you create a conversion focused website that drives traffic and puts revenue in your pipeline. This Includes:

  • Hours of training and resources produced by John Aikin & the team at Web Canopy Studio
  • 6 detailed modules going deep into topics around planning, goal setting, positioning, brand narrative, design, development, automation, and scaling
  • Video training, audio files, swipe files, copy templates for emails and pages, HubSpot templates and themes, PDFs, guides, checklists, and more


VALUE: $11,500

1-on-1 Coaching With Our Team

  • You'll meet 1-on-1 each and every week with our team to 
  • We'll guide you through then entire process step by step to ensure you plan, build, and launch an amazing website on HubSpot, taking all the guesswork out of the process.
  • We'll give you massive time-saving adjustments so you can focus on what matters most... your business, and your customers.
  • We'll go over every major component of your site so you have zero concerns or roadblocks in launching your site quickly (in a matter of weeks!)
  • We'll go over launch plans and build a 12-month client attraction roadmap for how to use your website & HubSpot to get the most out of your investment.
  • You'll also get to work with our developers and project managers to make sure all your questions are handled appropriately so you don't feel like you're just winging it!


VALUE: $7,500

Community & Live Group Training

  • You'll get access to all of our live weekly working sessions as a team
  • We'll cover feature-specific topics like HubSpot setup, content and positioning reviews, design critiques, and more
  • You'll be able to watch, participate, get feedback, and engage in the discussion to get tailored help
  • we’ll get in the weeds about what should be happening to get to the next level


VALUE: $6,000

Plus You'll Get Access To These Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Top Notch Tech Stack

  • Access to our top, private HubSpot themes installed in your portal
  • Email marketing copy templates and swipe files
  • Lead scoring template and training
  • Project management system hacks
  • Walkthrough of our entire tech system you can swipe
  • Workflow templates for nurturing


VALUE: $3,500


  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3
  • Bonus #4
Bonus #2

Wireframe Templates

  • The exact wireframe systems we use for our clients
  • Playbooks for individual page styles, optimized for conversion and telling a compelling brand narrative
  • Simply fill in the blanks and the hard work is done for you
  • Home page, product pages, landing pages, about page, pillar pages, and more


VALUE: $4,300

  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3
  • Bonus #4
Bonus #3

Offer Positioning Secrets

  • A complete resource for positioning your product or service in a way that customers can’t say “no” to
  • How to repackage, plan, build, launch, and sell your service or product to the world, even if it exists today
  • This is our revolutionary session series that have helped companies generate $100k months just from repositioning their services


VALUE: $6,800


  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3
  • Bonus #4
Bonus #4

Profitable Masterclass Playbook

  • The #1 playbook for building consideration stage masterclasses and webinar presentations
  • How to re-engage your audience and nurture them into a call, regardless of how cold they might be
  • Email templates, masterclass scripts, presentation flows, pitch creation break-out walkthroughs, mindset and process depictions, and MORE!

VALUE: $7,500

  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3
  • Bonus #4

Explosive Growth Assistance!

Web Canopy was a strategic partner which provided full our company with the much needed assistance in the launching of our CRM, inbound marketing and sales strategies. Our company's sales exploded once these items were in place. Our annual gross income was doubled in 18 months! Highly recommend Web Canopy!

- Corey H.

For A Limited Time ONLY

Inside this awesome program, you'll get access to our themes, content templates, wireframes, automation funnels and more in order to turn your website into a Conversion Machine...

...All for just a fraction of what you'd pay if you hired this out somewhere else

You're going to work 1-on-1 with our team every single week to help you launch an awesome website in just a matter of weeks
We're going to give you everything you need to design and build a beautiful, conversion-focused website inside your own HubSpot portal
We'll give you copy templates for landing pages, templates for email copy, HubSpot theme templates, swipe files, video training, audio files, PDFs, checklists, and guides to take ALL the difficult stuff off your plate
We're going to work together to map out the perfect website and marketing plan that allows you to focus on high impact lead generation and conversion events
We're going through HubSpot tips, tricks, and strategies, how to get more out of the platform, and how to streamline and optimize your usage so you aren't spending hours a week just trying to keep up
We'll verify and guide you through all of the crazy "in-the-weeds" kind of issues you simply DON'T want to deal with, like domain setup, launching, HubSpot settings, on-page SEO, QA, hosting, and going live
We're going to work through audience, positioning, and foundational elements, which is roughly 95% of a website's success
We'll go through conversion rate optimization in detail, so you can plan and predict your leads and revenue from the site... not just look at what happened in the past and guess what may come in the future
We'll show you how you can get your time back once and for all by focusing on tasks that generate results, not generate confusion
...And that just scratches the surface!

Here's All You Need To Do To Get Access

Step 1

Purchase The Theme

Simply purchase the theme from the HubSpot Marketplace and you'll immediately get access to all of the valuable HubSpot goodness packed into this theme... right into your portal.

Step 2

Create Your Account

After you purchase, you will automatically be granted access to our learning portal. Simply open the email, create your account, and get access to all of the additional program elements, assets, course modules, resources, and more!

Step 3

Schedule Your Call

Once you're in the portal, you'll simply book your first call with our team to start your onboarding with us. We'll get you squared away on everything you need, tailored specifically to where you're at in your website and HubSpot journey.

Step 4

Start Building Your Site

Jump right into your website pages and start building an awesome website inside HubSpot to create an awesome lead flow for your business.

Excellent Customer Service

The team at Web Canopy Studio were AMAZING! Their customer support for the template pack is second to NONE. I would recommend any of their beautiful template packs as well as their outstanding support that they provide should any questions or issues arise. I also have some HTML CSS experience and they were willing to explain what they did to assist with an update. LOVE these guys! :)

- Erin K.

tech systems studio_logo

Everything you need to build an amazing website that drives traffic, converts leads, and scales your profit virtually on autopilot



Theme & Course Library:

🔹 The entire training library including hours of training and resources produced by John Aikin & the team at Web Canopy Studio

🔹 6 detailed modules going deep into topics around planning, goal setting, positioning, brand narrative, design, development, automation, and scaling

🔹 Video training, audio files, swipe files, copy templates for emails and pages, HubSpot templates and themes, PDFs, guides, checklists, and more...

If we sold this custom theme and course library individually, we would charge:

VALUE $11,500



❇️ 1-on-1 Coaching & Training,  VALUE: $7,500

❇️ Group Training With Q&A Sessions, VALUE: $6,000



🔸 Bonus #1: Top Notch Tech Stack, VALUE: $3,500

🔸 Bonus #2: Wireframe Playbooks, VALUE: $4,300

🔸 Bonus #3: Offer Positioning Secrets, VALUE: $6,800

🔸 Bonus #4: Profitable Masterclass Process, VALUE: $7,500


If sold individually sold, the value would total up to $47,100

But That's Not What We're Pricing This At...

8 Weeks To Marketing Freedom

  • Limited Time Pricing
Limited Time Pricing

Less Than   $4,500

What You're Getting
  • complete training library
  • hours of recorded video content
  • 6 detailed modules
  • topics include planning, goal setting
  • as well as positioning, brand narrative
  • also design, development
  • and automation & scaling
  • audio files
  • HubSpot templates & themes
  • swipe files
  • email copy templates
  • page content templates
  • PDF guides and checklists
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • group training
  • community access
  • Q&A sessions
  • Tech stack access
  • wireframe playbook templates
  • offer positioning secrets
  • profitable masterclass process

It's Time To Get Complete Control Over:

Your Lead Flow

how much traffic you're driving to the site and the quality of those coming to you

Your Site Conversion

how well the site turns visitors into leads at an increasing rate

Your Total Sales

how well your site can convert those leads into closed deals

Your Time

this is about gaining back your freedom while driving your results through the roof

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